Install Machbase in 1 Minute

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Machbase with docker image.

Step 1 : Install from docker

Machbase provides DOCKER image. It is assumed that DOCKER is already installed. How to install docker won't be explained in this page.
You can refer to the docker site ( and learn how to install DOCKER.

# download Machbase image
$ docker pull machbase/machbase

# check the list of images
$ docker images

Step 2 : run an Machbase container

$ docker run -it machbase/machbase
     Machbase Administration Tool
     Release Version -
     Copyright 2014, Machbase Inc. or its subsidiaries
     All Rights Reserved
Waiting for Machbase server start.
Machbase server started successfully.
     Connection URL :

Since you have learned to install Machbase, you can jump to the next tutorial, where you will learn how to load 1M rows of csv file into Machbase. You will also learn how to create a table, load a csv file and retrieve a data from Machbase.

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