Operating System Settings

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Set the maximum number of files

ulimit -Sn

An error can occur if this value is too low. Therefore, it is recommended to set it as follows:

sudo vi /etc/security/limits.conf
\#<domain>    <type>   <item>   <value>


\*                      hard       nofile     65535

\*                      soft        nofile     65535

Check the value after restarting the server.

ulimit -Sn


Set the server time

The correct time must be precisely set in the server where Machbase is installed because Machbase is a database that deals with time series data.

Set the Timezone

Check the current time of the server and ensure that it matches with the local time because Machbase uses the time zone where the server currently operates.

ls -al /etc/localtime

Make sure the file matches with the timezone of your location. If it doesn't match, find the right location from "/usr/share/zoneinfo".

If the location is Los Angeles, use "/usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles", "/etc/localtime" and Symbolic Links or Copy.

For South Korea, it's /usr/share/zoneinfo/ROK. For Japan, it is /usr/share/zoneinfo/Japan.

You can check the timezone by running DATE command. See below.

Sun July 25 13:00:01 PST 2016

Set the time

If the local time does not match, please reset the time via the following command:


sudo date -s'2016/08/15 12:11:22'

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