License Installation

After installing Machbase, the license key installation will proceed. Without the license key, Machbase can still be available for use with some restrictions.
This chapter describes the license policies, structures and installation method.

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Structure of License File

The license of Machbase is managed in the file named license.dat. When you purchase a license or receive it for evaluation purpose, the license is managed as a text file.

mach@localhost:~$ cat license.dat  

\#Company\#ID-ProjectName: test\#0-Machbase  
 \#License Policy: SIZE4DAY  
 \#License Type \(Version 2\): OFFICIAL  
 \#Issue DATE: 20160216  
 \#Expiry DATE: 20160319  

Without License File

Even without the license, the server can run, but with some functional restrictions. The software license must be legally licensed before the use of Machbase.

Any commercial use, in part or in full, is strictly forbidden. This is intended for evaluation purpose only.

Without the license file, there are functional restrictions as follows.

  1. A warning message will be displayed when you insert more than 100M records through APPEND protocol in one session. It stops appending when more than 100M data are inserted. To break the deadlock, restart the server.

  2. It is not allowed to create a tablespace on more than 2 disk directories. If you try, the warning will be displayed as shown below. In other words, you cannot use parallel I/O function for high-performance data input. Refer to CREATE TABLESPACE for more information.

CREATE TABLESPACE tbs1 DATADISK disk1 (disk_path="tbs1_disk1"), disk2 (disk_path="tbs1_disk2"), disk3 (disk_path="tbs1_disk3");
[ERR-00867 : Error in adding disk to tablespace. You cannot use multiple disks for tablespace without valid license.]

Installation Method

Installation is very easy and can be completed by simply copying the license. The default name and location must be license.dat and $MACHBASE_HOME/conf.
Three installation methods are available:

  1. Install by copying the license file in $MACHBASE_HOME/conf.
    First, the file name must be changed to license.dat before copy it. When the server starts to run, it checks whether the license is legitimate and ok to start the installation.

  2. Install by running machadmin -t "license_file_path" command.
    By using this method, you have a few advantages that it can be easily installed with running the command without having to match the name and location of the license file. Refer to the machadmin for detailed information.

  3. Install by running query statement.

This allows you to install the license file with issuing query statements while the server is running. Refer to ALTER SESSION for detailed information.

Verify the Installed License

You can also check whether the license is properly installed by issuing the command "machadmin -f" as well.

Refer to machadmin for detailed information.

License Installed

If the license file is properly installed, you can find the information (see below) in $MACHBASE_HOME/trc/machbase.trc file after running the server.

[2016-02-17 14:51:00 P-20913 T-140709874054912][INFO] LICENSE [License Type (Version 2)][OFFICIAL]
[2016-02-17 14:51:00 P-20913 T-140709874054912][INFO] LICENSE [License Policy] [CORE]
[2016-02-17 14:51:00 P-20913 T-140709874054912][INFO] LICENSE [Host ID] [FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF]
[2016-02-17 14:51:00 P-20913 T-140709874054912][INFO] LICENSE [Expiry DATE] [25300318]
[2016-02-17 14:51:00 P-20913 T-140709874054912][INFO] Machbase Logs Signature! : OFFICIAL:CORE:FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF:25300318-

License Not Installed

If the license file is not installed or abnormal license is installed, the following message will be displayed.

[2016-02-17 14:49:54 P-6620 T-140539052701440][INFO] LICENSE [License Type(Version 2)][Only for evaluation (No license)]
[2016-02-17 14:49:54 P-6620 T-140539052701440][INFO] LICENSE [License Policy] [None]
[2016-02-17 14:49:54 P-6620 T-140539052701440][INFO] LICENSE [Host ID] [Unknown]
[2016-02-17 14:49:54 P-6620 T-140539052701440][INFO] LICENSE [Expiry DATE] [N/A]

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