Management of remote collector node

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This chapter describes how to manage collectors remotely by using Machbase with commands and features.


This is a table to manage source files that remote collectors have. When SELECT command is executed, it brings files with proper extension (.tpl, .rgs, or .py) from all the collector managers located under the $MACHBASE_HOME/collector.

Table 1. m$sys_collector_sources desc

Name Description
MANAGER_ID ID of a manager where the file belongs.
MANAGER_NAME Name of a manager where the file belongs
SOURCE_TYPE Type of files (Template, Regular Expression, and Python script)
SOURCE_PATH Absolute path of a file in a remote manager
CONTEXT Contents of a file

The table will be consisted of the items listed in table above. All the managers registered to the main server have template, regular expression, and Python script.

Procedure of insert_collector_source

With insert_collector_source procedure, it can send files to remote collectors. The syntax is as follows.

EXECUTE INSERT_COLLECTOR_SOURCE ("manager_name", "path", "context");

Manager_name: name of a manager registered to the server. Path: a path where files will be stored. Default path is $MACHBASE_HOME/collector. Context: contents of a file.

If the file already exists, the file will be backup as .bak.

Procedure of rename_collectormanager

This procedure changes a name of collector manager that were already registered. When trying to register the server without specifying a manager name on the client's side, the name will be stored automatically with the default format of :. Therefore, rename_collectormanager can be used for changing the name if necessary. The syntax is as follows.


Old_name: name of the existing collector manager. New_name: name of the collector manager that will be changed.

If the collector manager for old_name doesn't exist, or the collector manager for new_name does exist, the procedure will be failed to change the name.

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