​Machbase vs. Conventional DBMS

The following table shows the differences between Machbase and the traditional database.

Table 1. Differences between Machbase and the traditional DBMS

Characteristic Machbase Conventional DBMS Additional Description
Transaction Snapshot-based implicit offer Log file-based explicit offer Machbase does not require the transaction concept.
INSERT performance 300,000 ~ 3,000,000 per second 30,000 per second Machbase supports certain protocols for improving input performance.
SELECT performance Optimized for data insertion and statistical analysis Optimized for OLTP processing Columnar database is optimized for the statistical analysis queries.
Attribute of processing data Time series log data Non-log data from transactions properties for INSERT opera-tion and OLAP properties for SELECT operation. For Machbase, it has OLTP properties for INSERT operation and OLAP properties for SELECT operation.
Changing data models Append Only (Write Once, Read Many) Able to update Machbase does not support UPDATE operation.
DELETE operation Delete from the oldest data first Delete random data in order to keep "append only" properties. Machbase deletes old data first in order to keep "append only" properties.
Real-time indexing Support real-time bitmap Non real-time B+ Tree
Data compression High-performance compression in real-time Compression is not supported. In the case of a columnar database,compression is supported.
Real-time text search Supported (Support inverted index in real-time) Not Supported(Real-time searches are incomplete even if it is supported.)
Support time series data Support data partition through sharding Support general timestamp-based column Time series-based operations are faster because Machbase supports sharding in chronological order.
Gap between data and index Momentary gap occurred Not occurred maximize INSERT performance, its routine and index generation routine works asynchronously.
MVCC Support Provides 'locking' feature with the same level of MVCC Supported Machbase minimizes 'lock' so that the related overload is very low.
Supported libraries Supports Interactive SQL, CLI, ODBC and JDBC Supported Machbase supports developing environments that the traditional database provides

Machbase vs. Other Solutions

Table 2. Comparison with other solutions

Solutions Machbase Searchc Engine-Based Solution In-Memory DBMS Disk-Resident DBMS Columnar DBMS
High-performance and real-time indexing Super-high speed Super-high speed High speed Normal Slow
Storage efficiency Very good Good Bad Bad Good
Text search Support Support X X X
SQL support O X O O O
Time-series query O O X X X
Analysis query performance Very Fast Fast Fast Slow Very Fast

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